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   Many thanks for playing a key role in what turned out to be a successful 2013 competition season for me.  Your massage therapy targeted some nagging physical problems that were holding me back in my Taekwondo training, and I'll need your continued support as I pursue some lofty goals for 2014.  I had tried massage therapy at a couple of the big chains over the past couple of years, but I never got more than a "relaxation massage."  What I needed was someone who understood how every muscle in the body can affect specific motions . . . and knew how to address years of either poor training techniques or physical limitations.  You should get the word out to serious athletes who could use you on their teams.  They're not going to find anyone better to help keep them fit for competition.

   Best wishes for a bright new year.

                All the best,

        Russ Johnson, 

2014 USA Taekwondo National Champion, member of the U.S. National Poomsae Team



The massage I received was one of exceptional quality due to the therapists understanding of the human body and years of experience with athletes. Heather takes time at the beginning of the appointment to find out necessary background information of the patient so that she can conduct the massage in the most efficient manner possible while still hitting all the targeted areas. I compete in a sport that most people are unfamiliar with: long distance skateboarding, and they are unsure of how to go about treatment. Heather takes the time to really think of the motions of the sport. I received my first massage from Heather a day before I was scheduled to fly across the country for a few races and felt amazing afterwards. After being real sore from the previous weeks training it was exactly what I needed. My legs were so loose and there was not a knot to be felt anywhere. For someone who gets massages fairly regularly and has knotted up muscles most mornings, that’s saying something. Besides from the massage doing wonders physically, it also was incredible for my mental health. Even after 5 or so days after the massage I still feel great and have extreme mental clarity. Before leaving my first appointment I scheduled another session with Heather upon my return from the West Coast races. It doesn’t matter who you are: a professional athlete, someone with a physically demanding job, someone with long hours at the office or just someone just looking for a massage to get level headed, River Bend Therapeutic is a place of great service.  I highly recommend to anyone in the area; or even someone not so close, it is worth the trip.

P.S. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

Will Frank

Professional Distance Skateboarder



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